Tim Braheem released a video about social media and mortgage loan officers today as the 34th segment of his Coaches Corner series and it was stellar!

In fact, I was so impressed by what he had to say that I left this comment on the video:

tim braheem spectacular video comment

So yeah, I got really excited about it!

And the reason is that I get asked all the time…

“How do I get more out of my social media in order to see results?”  or “What more can I do to get more engagment in my social media?”

Well, the best answer (and a great tip to implement in your business right away) is right in this 5 minute video.  Watch it.  It will be the best 5 minutes you’ll invest today!

Here are some quick notes that I took:

The Psychology of Social Media Marketing

The real intention of posting on social media is often voyeuristic in nature.

Why is that? Well, what do you (and everyone else) do after you post?

You look to see who likes and comments on your posts, right?

We want to show other people where we are, who we’re with, how much fun we’re having, etc.

We all are looking for validation.

What’s Next?  Now you feel the need to reciprocate.  So you go and like and comment on their posts.  After all, you don’t want to appear ungrateful.

And then they feel good about the fact that you liked and commented on their stuff and the cycle continues.

Perfect example of Robert Cialdini’s Law of Reciprocity!

Solution: Spend some time liking and commenting on your clients’ and referral partners’ posts on a consistent basis.  They’ll take notice and do the same in return.  That builds a deeper relationship and leads to more business.

Pro Tip: With every client, talk with them about your social profiles and exchange friend requests, follow each other, etc.

“Connection is not formed by you consistently talking about business.”  Tim Braheem