Would you like to learn how to get more home buyer or refinance mortgage leads directly to your email inbox?

Do you know how easy it is to set  up and run local, targeted ads on Facebook to get these mortgage leads streaming in?

You can totally change your life and your business if you learn to implement targeted, inexpensive niche based marketing!

And the best place to do it on the internet today is on Facebook.

Well, my friends over at Retechulous just recorded a short YouTube video showing exactly how easy this is.  You can do it in minutes…

Check this 3 minute video out:


Here are the four things you’ll need to implement this strategy:

1. Landing or Opt In Page – This is where the prospect will click through to after seeing the ad on Facebook.  (I use LeadPages for this.) They will fill out a form requesting more information on the purchase or refinance loan.  This form information will be delivered to you via email.

2. Autoresponder CRM – This is optional, but is the best way to stay in touch with someone after they request information in an automated way.

You normally set up a string of 5 -10 follow up messages spread out over 10 – 30 days adding valuable information and encouraging the new prospect to call you or otherwise engage with you for your service.

Remember to focus on adding value and setting yourself up as the expert, not on selling in these messages!  (I use Infusionsoft for this. Starting out I’d recommend GetResponse)

3. Telephone – Yes, you still need to call them whenever possible to initiate contact and offer to help.

You can get to the point that you don’t need to call every lead in your sales funnel, but that’s a ways down the road when you’re pushing so much traffic and have so many leads that it’s not feasible to call every one back.

Then you can put filtering systems in place to identify the hottest prospects and only call them, or even have them calling you!

But don’t miss this point: To make immediate profit from your online marketing efforts, you have to combine it with the tried and true, proven offline marketing and sales strategies that can get you directly into conversation with your new client!

4. Facebook Ad – This is the last step because you want the systems above in place before you start spending any money on ads.  Don’t pay for traffic until you have the tools in place to capture their information!

The video above is a good way to start.  It’s a very direct ad and will attract a very specific client.  Using a small, local audience (like the 18,000 in the video) is a great way to be laser-focused on a niche as well as get really low cost per click (CPC).

If you’d like to learn more about building online sales funnels in the mortgage or real estate business, I’ve got a free training video here.


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